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Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

We are happy to help The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary with ongoing fundraising.  We donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of all of the items in their category.

The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary provides lifelong, loving care to neglected and homeless farm animals, placing those who are adoptable in forever homes.

We rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals that once found themselves surrendered, abandoned, and exploited. The size of the property allows us the unique opportunity to offer a safe haven for farm and domestic animals. The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary focuses on those animals that often get overlooked due to species, age, color or disability.

In addition to saving lives, Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary works hard to educate and spread seeds of compassion and kindness. We share the importance of our mission by inviting visitors to our sanctuary. Guests are face-to-face with the animals they may only know from television or as dinner on their plate. They have the opportunity to learn about their behavior, personality, care and most importantly their story. 

Each animal at the sanctuary has their own story; each and every animal is cherished and loved. Through our community relations and visitors, we educate the public on the importance of adoption and the decision to take an animal into their care is a lifelong commitment.